Iron Ridge Park is on 40 acres

The caravan park area is approximately 5 acres

The rest of the block is inhabited by various creatures including our dogs, some chickens (no roosters!) guinea fowl, wild wood ducks, Dexter cattle, the odd mob of kangaroos and little Pretty Face wallabies.

 FL dogs in sand snow c
 FL Murra resting

Even this young, baby guinea fowl keets forget what they are supposed to be doing.

When they get bigger they do not look so cute. Unfortunately their brain does not seem to grow either.

They do, however, do a great job of foraging for unwanted bugs and wriggly things.

 FL Sleepy chickies 050310
FL Guinea fowl keets basket

'Palais de Bovine'

We built a shed designed to keep the cows warm & dry if necessary.

They can go inside whenever they please and know where to go if the weather turns bad

FL Cows in the barn 2010    FL Cows 2 
FL Chooks  

The chooks give us eggs and the cows mow the paddocks for us.   


There is the functional farm machinery

and then there are the collectibles...

FL Austin    FL Fordson mark and dogs